How to Protect Your Loved Ones from Asymptomatic COVID Transmission

Nikita Bernstein
2 min readNov 24, 2020

The danger of COVID is no longer infection after someone starts coughing . It now seems to be overwhelmingly asymptomatic transmission (Source: CDC). When the pandemic started, we all hunkered down to wait for the government to fix this. They didn’t. Hopefully we will have vaccines soon, but as people start to interact more in smaller groups, we all want to do this safely.

What I realized yesterday is that each of us can protect every person we interact with from every other person we interact with. Imagine if you have the following interactions:

A > B > (X) you > C > D

Now imagine this all happens with about 2 days between each interaction.

Day 1: A > B

Day 3: B > X; A starts showing symptoms,

Day 5: X > C; A takes the test

Day 7: C >D; A is diagnosed as positive.

That means that A would infect D and, by the time that test results come in, B, X, and C each infected a number of people thinking that they pose nor risk.

What should happen?

As soon as A shows any symptoms, B and X are notified. They slow down activity until the test comes back as positive or negative and, may be, get themselves tested. This is how you stop asymptomatic transmission.

State of affairs:

There is no tool to my knowledge that would prevent this scenario. However, can currently prevent D from being infected and allows for faster diagnosis for everyone else, which, in viral infections should correlate with improved outcomes.

That said, I reached out to NOVID and requested that this functionality is added. However, until there is a better tool:

PELASE INSTALL NOVID and ASK EVERY INTERACTION to install it. This is the best way to protect them from being infected by you.