Depression as an Ally

What Is Depression?

One fine day, I was mildly depressed. Cruising Facebook, I came across a video of an over-the-top expressive gentleman who delivered a thought that changed my life: you are never depressed; you observe yourself in a depressed state. The difference is profound. If you are depressed, you are powerless. If you are the observer, you maintain agency.

Depression in Times of Change

If we assume that depression is a mechanism to keep us on paths designed by evolution, what would happen when these paths no longer work? The world used to live in tribes, used to hunt and gather to eat, and used to find reproductive partners in a limited pool of people around them. What if all that changed?

The Better Way

We are in uncharted territories. The world is changing and evolution is in full swing — after a few generations, some of us will not procreate and so certain behaviors may die out. Depression will likely remain prevalent in society for some time until a new stable state is achieved.



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