Until we get a vaccine, it looks like COVID-19 will continue to devastate. What I am most surprised by is:

Where is Rapid App-based Contact Tracing?!


  • Once someone is infected, everyone who is several degrees from them are notified.
  • Clusters of people take precautionary measures: stop going out, get tested…

I’ve participated and mentored at a number of hackathons. I’ve also been doing the gritty sort of early stage venture building since around 2005 (more on that below). Having seen how not to do mentorship and having successfully mentored a number of teams, here is the recipe I recommend.


Thoughts on Healthcare Structure

Some random thoughts that have accumulated over the last few months. Apologies if they seem raw. Please feel free to discuss, write responses, and otherwise engage.

  • Emergency services should be a utility on par with fire, police, etc. Patients in emergency situations are operating in an…

Depression may be your best ally. It is the one force that, like no other, makes us change our context.

What Is Depression?

One fine day, I was mildly depressed. Cruising Facebook, I came across a video of an over-the-top expressive gentleman who delivered a thought that changed my life: you are never…

Nikita Bernstein

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